"I was born in the year of our Lord 8th August 1972 in the capital of Serbia, Belgrade. Since I was 18 years of age till I was 28 I did life photography working for local daily and weekly papers, as well as for foreign life agencies. After that I decided to take another direction in my work and I turned my energy and acquired experience towards the world of applied photography in the broadest sense. I established studio i.n.o.k. which does visual communication and where I am art director and photographer.

I was president of the Association of professional photographers of Yugoslavia, director and editor of photography in many projects, I took pictures and edited monography of Belgrade in 1008 pages which that year was declared one of the 3 most beautiful in the world, I published cover pages and editorials in all licensed world magazines - Cosmopolitan, Gracia, Elle, Playboy, as well as in the prestigious local magazines like Fame and Faar, I worked with all most important fashion and marketing agencies, took pictures of hundreds of most influential people from public life. I was chosen by the most prestigious photography brand hasselblad to be hasselblad ambassador for Serbia. i.n.o.k. studio is the most modern studio for photography production in the country and in every moment is based on top quality hi end technology. Apple computers, legal programs, the most modern post-production, top quality light, pen displays, fine art print of large formats according to the strict standard, general work conditions are in compliance with world standards. Studio has one of the best archives with over 2.000.000 archive photographs with different topics local and global digitalized and high resolution.

My job is to comprehend things and to develop them further with original ideal and esthetic solutions giving them better faith. I tend with my work to contribute to people in many significant ways."

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